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I am Eliana Nelson, an expert in public health. My satisfaction comes from making a difference in somebody's life. I am a person who likes to experiment, go to different places in the country and collect different information on health there which adds great meaning to a healthy life. Now, I am part of an online healthcare store named Allmedscare. And at the same time, I have created my own online health-related blog like Lifestyle, skincare, heart problems, quit smoking, Erectile dysfunction problems in men, women’s health, etc.

Lifestyle:- Changing habits and lifestyles have created many problems in our lives, leading to non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, joint pain, and mental stress. I have also given guidance through my blog on how to deal with these diseases.

Skincare:- Taking care of our skin is very important for all of us. This is because it is one of the upper and most delicate layers of our body, to which the beauty of our body is also attached.

heart problems:- Heart is an important part of the body. Anyone over the age of 35 or who has a family history of heart-related problems should have regular heart check-ups.

Quit Smoking:- Every year many people in the country lose their lives due to diseases caused by smoking. Diseases like lung damage, cancer, heart disease, inflammation of the lungs, etc. can surround the person due to smoking.

Erectile Dysfunction problems:- Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that is found mainly in older men, but many young people still experience it. There are many well-known drugs like generic medicines like Penegra, Vilitra which treat erectile dysfunction problems. These drugs are a real help for all impotent men who want to get back on track without experiencing any new problems or sexual problems.

My satisfaction comes from making a difference in somebody's life. I love listening to music or reading interesting articles in my free time.

Eliana Nelson

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